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About Us - Microscope Guru

Question1: Who is the MicroscopeGURU @ Boston Industries, Inc. ?

Answer: Boston Industries, Inc has been established in 2013 and is a known in the industry provider of pre-owned laboratory instruments. is a Boston Industries sub brand and an answer to customers' challenge of easily finding and selecting microscopes and proper accessories for their unique application. allows for easy navigation and filtering of all microscopes and microscopes accessories we have on hand.

Question2: Do you have microscopes displayed on your website in stock and are they ready to ship?

Answer: All microscopes you see on our website are in stock and ready to ship within days. If your order does require any changes from the original displayed configuration, some additional re-configuration time may be needed.

Question3: Which microscope brands do you specialize in?

Answer: We regularly work and sell microscopes from the following four brands. Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss.  

Question4: I am familiar with Olympus microscopes as part of my previous position. Should I stay with the same brand? How do other brands compare?

Answer: This is the question we answer most often and certainly understand brand loyalty. What may we recomend?  We find that microscopes from the big 4 brands (Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss) are very similar in quality of the image they will provide. So if you ask us, we will most often recomend the microscope based on best fit for your application vs its brand. 

Question5: Do microscopes and accessories come with warranty?

Answer: All our microscopes and microscope accessories carry a standard 60 days warranty from the delivery date and 30 days for international shipments.  This will provide you with plenty of time to confirm that your microscope is working well.

Question 6: I would like to make changes to the originally listed microscope configuration?

Answer: No problem! MicroscopeGURU has a large variety of microscopy accessories ranging from digital microscope cameras, fluorescence light sources (Mercury, Metal Halide, Xenon or LED light sources), custom sample holders, fluorescence imaging filters, and various magnification objectives. If you do not see an accessory you are looking for, let us know. You may be even happier with an alternative we may recomend.

Question7: If I buy a microscope and additional accessories will you configure them to work together?

Answer:  Whenever you purchase a microscope with extra accessories from us, our team will help you confirm that they are the right accessories for your application.  We will also make sure they are configured to properly work with your new microscope.

Question8: Who are your past customers?

Answer: Over the years we have acquired many customers, some are small businesses and some are very large. To name a few, we sold to Pfizer and Google.  Academic institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Princeton University are just a few of the hundreds of universities that we have been able to help fill their laboratory equipment needs. You can see a list of some of our past customer here Our Past Customers

Question 9: Do you offer microscope service?

Answer: Please refer to our microscope service section for more details. Microscope Repair Service Info Page

If you are left with any unanswered questions we encourage you to reach out to our team. Let us help you select a well suited microscope for your studies.